Friday, 15 March 2013

Need for Speed Undercover Free Download with Crack PC Game Free Download Full Version

Undercover returns: to its roots with hokey cut scenes, wild cop chases, and solid action.The Need for Speed series got another dose of Hollywood with the release of Undercover. Take on jobs and compete in races to prove yourself as you infiltrate and take down an crime syndicate.As you win each race, you’ll go deeper into the underworld web that Tri-City and then tear it apart right under their noses. You make the calls, but don’t break your cover: inside the or out of it, one mistake here could be your last.For the most part, the reaction to the last few Need for Speed was the same: "Why aren't they like Need for Speed Most Wanted?" "Where are the cheesy cutscenes and the over the top cop chases?" It seems as if heard those cries, because for better or for worse, Need for Speed Undercover feels like Most Wanted.You might not want to crash into a cop car in real life, but here, it's all good.That said, the does do a few things very well. The online cops and robbers mode, where the robber tries to pick up money and take it to a drop off while another person the cop and tries to ram them, is quite a bit of fun. But mostly what the game gets right is its pacing. The races are short sometimes as short as 20 seconds, and almost never longer than five minutes. Another cool thing the game does is it lets you instantly jump to the closest race by pressing down on the D pad. If you want to find a specific event you can press up and you're taken to a GPS map, where you can instantly go to the race of your choice. It'll save you a lot of needless backtracking, and combined with the short races, makes sure that Undercover never gets boring.If you're one of the many people who loved Need for Speed Most Wanted, flaws and all, you'll find a lot to like in Undercover. It's not very original and the slow frame rate is a downer, but there's no denying that it's just good fun to run from the cops and wreak havoc on a city in the process.

System Requirements
 Processor= Pentium 4, 2.4GHz
RAM= 512MB
Video Memory= 256MB
Size= 1.09GB


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